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Parent Hanbook

Men's Competitive Team

2019-2020 Season

Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 American Kids Season. This handbook will introduce you to the world of competitive gymnastics and the rules, policies, and commitments that accompany membership on the team. We reserve the right to modify policies and procedures as the case may arise. We are dedicated to providing a positive gymnastics experience and help each gymnast achieve his dreams. We are excited to work with you, as a team, as your son embarks on this exciting journey.

AKSC Staff

Competitive gymnastics is an exciting, challenging, and captivating sport. Commitment to the American Gymnastics Team Program, allows athletes to reap the many benefits of participation in the sport. Gymnastics serves as an excellent medium for learning vital life lessons and skills such as: time management, work ethic, goal setting and achievement, responsibility, perseverance, how to work in a team environment, and the ability to handle both perceived successes and failures. These life lessons will stay with your son long after he retires from the sport.

However, membership in the team program requires a high level of physical, emotional, and monetary commitment from the entire family. The decision to join the team program should not be taken lightly. You, as a parent, are to be congratulated because you are taking the time to think through the consequences of team membership.

Mission Statement
AT AMERICAN GYMNASTICS …we strive to teach our athletes the importance of physical, mental, and emotional preparation through the experience of a competitive season.
Program Objective
  • Create a culture of success, in a positive and disciplined environment, which develops happy, confident, goal-oriented children.
  • Provide an environment in which each gymnast can reach his potential in the sport and enjoy the competitive longevity necessary to meet his goals.
  • Offer an atmosphere in which children can develop a positive self-image through improved performance and skill acquisition.
  • To learn the importance of physical activity, develop an appreciation and respect for the physical body, and encourage an active lifestyle.
  • Provide the opportunity for children to participate in a competitive sport and learn how to work as a member of a team.
Competitive Season
Competitive gymnastics is not a seasonal sport. It requires year around training, all 12 months, to be successful. The season begins directly after championships of the prior season. This is important to understand as absences in gymnastics training have detrimental effect. The year is divided into training cycles that build on the previous. Below is an example of a competitive season:

Preparation (June-Sept.): Skill acquisition. Increasing general strength, flexibility, and basics.
Pre Competition (Oct.-Dec.): Refining skills and combining them into sequences.
Competition (Jan.-Mar.): Routine endurance and consistence become the focus.
Peaking (Apr.): Maximum routine endurance is reached and quality of routines takes precedent.
Recovery (May): Little to no routines and lighter strength. Skill acquisition begins.

Competition Schedule
To be able to compete successfully in a competition will only come from competitive experience. The goal is to build upon these experiences in order to qualify for the State, Regional and National Championships. The competition schedule is chosen with these goals in mind which is why we would like to look at our schedule as a season instead of separate meets.

Your son is required to attend all of the competitions for his specific level.  Please remember that this is a tentative schedule, the exact day and time of the specific sessions will not be known until a few weeks before the event. The competition schedule is available in a PDF format on the AKSC website.

Keep in Mind
  • At the lower team levels, the number of hours of practice per week are relatively few. As your son progresses up the competitive ladder, the hours and days of workout will continue to build.
  • You will have to change your schedule to the extent that you are available to drive your gymnast to and from practice.
  • There will be gym meets that take up a number of weekends during the competitive season.
  • Homework will have to be done much more efficiently and with better study habits due to shorter periods of time available.
  • Time management skills will become a necessity in all areas of your child’s life. Your son will have less time at home and less time to spend with friends outside the sphere of gymnastics influence.